Imagine coming home to your place after a long stressful day. You plop down on the couch. You pick up your phone. After a few moments, the doorbell rings. Standing outside is your trusted massage therapist waiting to give you your much-needed reward. That’s an ideal way to end a long day, don’t you think? But if you live in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, getting professional home service massage is simply impossible.


That was the predicament that Tharah Jane Chin found herself in. Tharah enjoys getting a good massage at home. But when her family moved to the up-and-coming city of SJDM, she found no provider that offers consistent, effective, professional massage home services in the area. So she thought, with more and more families moving to SJDM - families who work hard for a living and deserve some comfort and respite after a long day - why not open one here?


So in 2018, the city welcomed its first-ever massage home service—The Royal Treatment Home Spa and Massage. And with our name came the commitment to provide nothing but professional, safe, and satisfying services fit for royalty. That’s because after a long day of hustling, we believe that you deserve nothing but the best treatment.  


Today, The Royal Treatment Home Spa and Massage continues to make massage home services accessible and easy for everyone living in the city. Now, there’s no need to leave the house just to enjoy a Swedish, Shiatsu or hot stone massage. No need to search tirelessly online for a “massage near me” or book days and weeks in advance for a spa treatment.


Simply call us and our professionally trained therapists will come to you–-armed with a smile, good quality massage products and supplies, and their amazing and ever-reliable expertise.


Allow us to provide you with an enjoyable and relaxing home spa and massage experience today, because you deserve it.

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